We strive to maintain excellence and supreme clarity in every knitting and crochet pattern that we publish.

However, sometimes an error will slip through.

All patterns containing errors or ones that have been updated with further clarifications will be listed below.

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Changes have been made to the "Vertical Stripe Colorwork Portion" of this pattern.

The words indicating an extra color repeat was unnecessarily mentioned in each row. It would have resulted in a repeat of 4 sts for Color B instead of just 2 at the beginning of these rows.

"Row 1: K6 with Color A, making sure to keep your yarn strands in back of your work for this row, pick up strand of Color B and *k2 with Color B, k2 with Color A <em>(this is the extra part that will be omitted from the revised pattern: k2 with Color B)</em>, rep from * across the row until you have 6 sts left on your needle and end the row with k6 in Color A- 394 sts."

This entire portion has been revised as a result, and the rest of the pattern, remains the same.

Raindrops to Rainbows

The pattern remains exactly the same, however an extra SHORT RAINDROPS SECTION was added on page 3 (before knitting the COWL'S EDGE) just in case you wanted to make the cowl look exactly like the one in the photos. The cowl is completely customizable though and you can add or omit as many "Raindrop" sections as you like.