A Few Changes...

5:25:00 PM

I'm not sure anyone even reads any posts on this account anymore since I've been primarily working on Dye is Cast Yarns but I felt the need to explain some of the changes you might have seen on my Ravelry account.

As you know by now I am 'bistitcual' and love both knitting and crochet and have written patterns for both crafts. For the longest time I've felt that my username "ActsofKnittery," since it had the word 'knit' in it, didn't describe exactly what I offered since it didn't include crochet. Also, I am now pretty much exclusively designing with my own yarn so felt that now more than ever was the best time to rename my Ravelry account completely.

I have since changed "ActsofKnittery" to "melimartinez" which is my name. I feel that that this way ALL of my designs, whether knit, crochet, ones using commercial yarns or my own hand dyed ones can fit neatly under the same umbrella.

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