It's Official, I'm Now a Yarnie!

1:59:00 AM

I've been rather quiet on the design front lately. I took a much needed vacation to Montreal Canada in early April (I'm so in LOVE with that city, I can't wait to return!) and this was the first time I actually had a chance to rest and not knit or crochet anything. Ok, that wasn't the rosy part and in fact extremely difficult for me do deal with at first. I kept looking for things to do with my hands, kept brainstorming and writing lists about all the designs and projects I wanted to tackle once I got back. As usual, I was thinking about the next step and not fully appreciating the present. It dawned on me that if I didn't relax and enjoy the vacation it would be over before I knew it and then the chance would've slipped by. And quite frankly who knows when the next vacation would be.

So, I rested. And I enjoyed the company (I traveled with my husband and a few pals). And I enjoyed what I ate instead of scarfing things down, being extremely careful not to ingest any gluten of course. And I watched tv and suddenly I actually began to start understanding more and more French. :) And I browsed the internet- not for research but just for fun this time. The more I rested and took a step back from my hectic life it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. What was I doing? Was I really living out my dream being so stressed out all the time? Was the way I was doing things really enabling me to "get ahead"? What was I truly destined to do? I knew things couldn't continue the way they had been so I vowed to at the very least adopt a new perspective on my life and work once I returned home.

One of the things I browsed on the internet for fun was yarn- no surprise there. ;) Lots and lots of colorful yarn. Yarn from big name companies and yarn from indie dyers. Hmmm. What if? I always wanted to try but never thought I actually could. I don't have the time, the space, the money, it's probably dangerous, I'm just one person not a company... I kept repeating all these things to myself and then, perhaps it was my well-rested brain or just my usual "F@#$ it and do it anyway" attitude but I knew I had to at least try. It would be another something fun to do with yarn at any rate.

So, long story short, I researched the topic to death, purchased the necessary supplies and then threw caution to the wind and tried... and I cried when I finished dyeing my first hank. It came out so much more beautiful than I had ever hoped. Where did all these new colors come from? I knew I had found my calling.

I'm super excited to be adding '"yarnie" and indie dyer to my ever evolving fiber arts 'resume'. :)

So, without further ado I present to you my new line of hand dyed yarns which I will be selling under the name Dye is Cast Yarns.

I'm currently working on new bases and colorways, exclusive patterns and kits so stay tuned...

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