Crazy for Cloches!

10:10:00 AM

I seriously think I was born in the wrong decade (or even era) sometimes. I don't know why but I always seem to gravitate towards the fashions of long before I was born, in particular those of the 1920's and 30's. I love black and white movies and when it comes to tv shows, I usually have Antenna TV, MeTv or Cozi in the background as I knit.

I guess it makes sense then that I'm totally bonkers over cloche hats. I especially love crocheting them and have in fact sold quite a few through Etsy and even eBay a few years back. And I certainly love designing them as well. I have both knit and crochet cloche designs in my collection: Cloche Hat with Two Flowers (crochet), Esther Cloche Hat (crochet), Laces Out Cloche, Northern Belle Cloche... and now, the Shells Cloche Cap (photo further down in post).

Cloche Hat with Two Flowers

Here's a funny story (at least I can laugh about it now) that's somewhat related... I've been cutting my own hair now for about 2 years. Usually it's just an inch off the bottom and I'll add in a small layer to calm it down a bit since my hair is pretty wavy. This last time though, for whatever reason I really wanted extremely short bangs. I guess after throwing all of my hair up in a ponytail for like ever with a center part I was getting pretty bored. I have a relatively high forehead too so felt like I needed some coverage. Well, I cut bangs into my hair and they looked pretty cute but now they didn't go with the rest of my 'do which was a shoulder length bob. Long story short (pun intended), I hacked off a good 4 inches plus added tons of layers. I freaked out at first thinking what had I done but then realized that it felt so light and I felt so free that I wondered why I hadn't done this before. My hair is now a breeze to style (just some mousse and I let it air dry) and it looks a bit different everyday depending on how wavy it decides to get. I guess it's a cross between Amelie and Molly Ringwald's 'do in Pretty in Pink. Also, and here's the best part... it looks great in a cloche. :) Perhaps my subconscious was secretly guiding my scissors... hmmm. Here's to happy accidents!

Here's the Shells Cloche Cap without further ado (you can see how short my hair is)...
Shells Cloche Cap
I usually don't look so serious. I think it was the hot weather and me having to wear a hat in it.

The Shells Cloche Cap can be made from any Aran or Worsted weight yarn you wish. I personally think that a slightly thicker yarn weight really helps to make the wavy edge of the hat hold its shape better. I used Bernat Super Value yarn in Soft Gray to make this one.

The pattern is available on Ravelry here.

Spoilers! (you can tell I'm also a Dr. Who fan) I'm currently working on a website where I make and sell nothing but cloche hats. I'll feature a few styles in various colors. I plan to officially launch it in the beginning of September.

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