Spring Cleaning and Organization

12:16:00 PM

I've been doing some major Spring cleaning the past few days. Sadly, it hasn't been of the housework variety. I should be tackling that soon though. It's definitely overdue. Instead, I've been organizing my pattern collection. Oddly enough several things have also conspired to help this take place. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I've been seeing the number 1111 every time I look at a clock. I've also been seeing the numbers 222 and 444 a great deal too. It's got to mean something right?

Anyway, the other day I was checking my Twitter account and stumbled upon a tweet posted by a fellow designer. What he said summed up exactly what I had been pondering just the day before. I was afraid that I had been coming across as a bit scattered since I publish both knitting and crochet patterns. Also, some designs are significantly different than others in terms of style and color scheme. Frankly it concerned me quite a bit because I noticed that some designers have a specialty yet I just create whatever pops into my mind at the moment and usually use whatever yarn I have on hand at the time.

Well, this designer's tweet expressed the concern that when he put out a crochet pattern he was neglecting his followers who preferred to knit and vice versa. I too feel that way sometimes particularly when it comes to crochet, especially since the name of my business is Acts of Knittery.

I think it's great to be able to put out both types of patterns and craft in whichever medium the design calls for but that's just me. It's the best of both worlds. All of this also prompted me to start organizing my patterns into categories on my own site and separate the knitting ones from the crochet, the cowls from the hats etc. At the very same time Ravelry rolled out a feature called "bundles" that enables you to categorize your patterns in much the same manner. I absolutely love this feature and used it yesterday. Here's my newly organized profile on Ravelry.

I also have my patterns organized on my own site under the Patterns tab here.

Here's to organization and life's weird synchronicities! :)

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