We Have a Brand Page on Kollabora!

5:53:00 PM

I'm so excited to announce that Acts of Knittery now has a brand page on Kollabora.com. View it here and feel free to add us and help spread the word.

I'm surprised that I haven't heard about this awesome site before but so glad that I stumbled upon a tweet mentioning it the other day. There are so many interesting projects posted here along with the supplies and patterns needed to make them with. And it's not just for knitting and crochet either. I already noticed a couple of cute dresses that I must sew for Summer. :)

I love the look, feel and vibe of Kollabora as well. And (gasp!) they actually make you feel like THEY'RE privelledged to be working with YOU and for you and not the other way around like some other similar sites which shall remain nameless. The sense of community and value on handmade DIY projects is staggering and refreshing. I almost feel like I'm finally home and truly look forward to putting out more designs, as quirky as they may be, out soon. I had been feeling a bit lost for a couple of months and even started wondering if my designs were too "out there" for the average knitter to want to make. I even thought about simplifying my designs and making them more mainstream for a split second, but thankfully Kollabora has made me realize that I don't have to do anything but just be myself and keep on creating. :)

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