Loopy for Lace-Ups!

10:04:00 PM

Why do I like things that lace up so much? Perhaps it's because they remind me of ornate Medieval corsets (I'm a huge history as well as fashion throughout the ages buff) or maybe because it denotes something edgy, Punk or Goth-like. Whatever the reason, I've been obsessed with using this detail in my hat designs lately. 

About a year ago I designed a cloche hat that was knit flat and then its two opposing sides were laced up through eyelets that were placed at its edges. I've since taken a look back at my designs and wondered what I could do to improve them, hence all the revamps lately. 

The hats below are both knit in the round on circular needles and feature panels of strategically placed eyelets that will enable you to lace up what you wish through them. They also both have split brims which help to give the illusion that the hat is being held together by the laces. I love little tricks like this and especially making things look more complicated than they really are. ;) I crocheted some chains out of yarn but you could also use some ribbon, cord or even safety pins. Get creative and crafty and make the hat your very own! 

I personally love the safety pins idea and will be making myself a Lace Up Ribbed Beanie hat in deep charcoal gray but will instead add rows of safety pins to it. What can I say, I'm a rocker at heart. ;) I'll post pics when the hat is ready...

Laces Out Cloche


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