Happy National Crochet Month!

10:06:00 PM

Crochet often gets the short end of the stick, (pun intended) but not this month. March has been declared National Crochet Month in the US. Personally, I'm excited and crochet has come a long way since the days of tissue box cozies and granny squares, as delightful as some of them may be.

I have always been an avid crocheter and it's still what I feel the most comfortable doing manually. I feel most relaxed and "at home" when I'm using my crochet hooks. Still, I must admit that even I shunned this craft for a bit at least when it came to designing new accessories. I looked around at the collections of fellow designers on Ravelry and realized that so many of them did not know how to crochet or merely dabbled in it for the sake of adding an edging here and there. Knitting with two needles, and preferably on circular ones as I came to realize, was king. So off I went thinking that in order to be taken seriously by fellow peers, yarn companies and publications, I'd better get with the program and design knit pieces almost exclusively. While most of my collection so far consists of patterns for hand knitting, I do have several crochet ones which I'm quite fond of.

Here's a couple which I just revamped with different yarns and easier to follow formats. And if I may be so bold, I have to say that my picture taking has improved by leaps and bounds so far with my new camera. Hint: the 2 second timer feature is a life saver when it comes to shooting photos myself... way less chance of blurriness. I still have a long way to go but it's all a learning process and journey anyway.

Hooray for crochet! :)

Bygone Beret

Bygone Beret with hair tucked into the hat

Slouch Shells Beanie with Ribbed Edge
Closeup of shells stitch for Slouch Shells Beanie with Ribbed Edge
Back view of Slouch Shells Beanie with Ribbed Edge

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