Revampalooza 2014

3:15:00 PM

Since the beginning of the year I've been busy revamping, re-tweaking and altogether rewriting certain patterns in my collection. Sometimes you just need to take a cold hard look at what is working and what isn't and I think it's always a good thing to make improvements on old designs anyway.

For this crochet pattern for example, Cloche Hat with Two Flowers, I really didn't need the additional row of dc clusters or holes up by the crown of the hat. A few customers who have thinning hair or have experienced hair loss have expressed to me that they didn't like their scalp showing through. I eliminated that row and the pattern still kept its overall design and actually became easier to follow as a result.
Before the Revamp

After the Revamp

Oh, and before I forget, I must admit that I finally splurged on a REAL camera with some birthday money I got at the beginning of the month. No more iPhone pics. What a difference! I'm going to keep playing around with it to get the very best lighting, angles etc. possible but wow. I'm consequently also in the process of reshooting most of my design photos as well.

Here are some other revamped patterns and new designs that have just been published to the shop:
Please note that if you've already purchased the original pattern from me you will be receiving an update through Ravelry.


 Lace Up Boot Cuffs

Ribley Cowl

From top left clockwise: 

Peat, Verdurous, Holey Polka Dots, Ribster Beanie Hats

Next, I'll be tweaking a couple of my lace up hats to make them completely seamless. Yes, I finally got with the times and have been singing the praises of circular needles ever since I saw the light. Hooray for circular needles!! I also splurged on a few new sizes with my birthday money. I guess turning 40 (gasp!) wasn't a bad thing after all. :)

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