A Few More Revamps

3:54:00 PM

It's still February and I'm continuing to revamp the patterns that I have in my Ravelry store. Most are just photo reshoots taken with my new camera. For patterns that have been rewritten or otherwise tweaked, Ravelry and Craftsy will send you updates of these changes if you have already purchased the original pattern from me in the past.

So much more than meets the eye goes into designing an accessory. It's way more than just the stitch used. It's the type of yarn used (weight and fiber), the way the item ultimately feels and fits when worn and even how versatile it can be. Sometimes even the color you make it in makes a huge difference. I'm slowly learning that certain colors photograph better than others. Note to self... I will be staying away from these colors in the future. The brown shade that I used for the cloche hat below is one of them. Some green-blue shades and red shades are others. Everything is a learning process though and I'll continue to report my findings with you my dear readers. :)

But for now, here's a couple of crochet pattern revamps that I have just published:

I revamped the Esther Cloche Hat with Worsted instead of DK yarn. It holds its shape better and also Worsted weight yarn is easier to find than DK weight most of the time. I also eliminated a row of decorative holes or eyelets at the crown since a few crocheters have mentioned that they didn't like their scalp showing through when wearing the finished hat.

 I rewrote this Seabottom Slouch Beanie for Chunky and Bulky weight yarn since it shows off its textured stitch more beautifully. It also makes for a quicker project since the yarn is thicker than the DK yarn I had originally written the pattern for. I also worked the crown in hdc stitches instead of dc ones which give the top a smoother shape which helps it to flow more seamlessly into the main textured stitch pattern of the hat.

Both are available on Ravelry and also on Craftsy. 

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