What Makes a Good Design?

1:52:00 PM

I was browsing through the Designers Ravelry group the other day and was absolutely blown away by some of the new designs that were added in the month of December. All were certainly pretty but some were definitely more striking and memorable than others. The particular design I'm going to mention was actually quite generic in fact and not very interesting to look at but a comment left for it made made me look twice and I began to view the design in a whole new light.

The design was that of a plain ribbed cowl with buttons. Yawn. But, here was an item that most people would probably wear in a heartbeat. Not too busy. Very easy to make. Goes great with everything in your wardrobe. You pretty much can't read this pattern wrong and make a knitting mistake is what I'm thinking. Plus you can customize it with whatever buttons you'd like.

Well, to paraphrase what the comment said, "this designer knows exactly what she's doing: good lighting, excellent photography, interesting buttons, clean design." I have to admit when I first read it I thought what a bunch of BS and that it was probably written by the designer herself of at least a close friend or relative. The more I looked at the photo though the more I came to realize that the cowl, as simple as it was, was indeed a great design.

Sometimes it's not about how many different stitch patterns you can cram into an accessory (some shawl designs are notorious for this), but rather what you leave out and how it affects the overall look of the piece. Sometimes less is definitely more and too much of something is just overkill. That's my opinion anyway. There is indeed beauty in simplicity.

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