New Year, New Look!

4:07:00 PM

Every year around New Year's Day I do a traditional deep cleaning of the apartment. This includes tossing out or giving away anything I no longer need, cleaning and scrubbing like there's no tomorrow and also rearranging items to give the place a new and updated look. This year I purchased some curtains for the living room window. I have two cats and as you can imagine, the blinds looked like hell. I wonder what the neighbors must have thought. It was time.   

I also felt that it was high time to spruce up the ol' biz. Last night I sat down in front of the computer screen with Photoshop for about 4 hours and designed a whole new logo, banner, Ravelry group badge as well as worked on a more professional looking layout for my patterns. Here's what the banner now looks like with its new color scheme:

It's simple, fresh and to the point just like my designs. I now feel that it reflects my vision for the business. It is after all a business, as fun and creative as designing accessories for a living may be.

Here's an extremely important tip for any newbie or wannabe designer out there. It's one that I recently learned the hard way and regretably on my own since no one alerted me to this fact. Never underestimate the power of a professional looking product. As stubborn as I am, I always believed that my well-written patterns, original clever designs and clear photos spoke for themselves. Come to find out, a cover page added to your pattern can make or break you. After all, you do want your business name and designer name prominently featured on it since you are in essence building a brand.

Well, as they say hindsight is 20/20. What's left but to forge ahead and keep on improving. Being a designer is definitely an eye-opening and learning experience. I can't stress this enough: pay attention to and brush up on the business side of things. Being creative is great and fun and there's nothing else I'd rather do, but don't kid yourself that it's enough if you want to truly be in business and make some money from it. I'm just being brutally honest and hopefully this will save many a designer time, money and from tearing your hair out.

Ok, that was part sharing what I've learned and part venting. Now off to work on my patterns using the new layout I designed. Don't worry, the patterns will remain the same but with said cover pages, logos and easier to navigate sections for materials needed, gauge etc. If you've purchased a pattern from me in the past and would like a copy of it with the new layout just let me know and I'll send one to you. :)

In the near future, by popular demand, I plan on rewriting a couple of patterns with instructions for knitting them with circular needles. I'll keep you updated on which patterns and when they're getting a makeover in future posts. Ah, the suspense! ;)

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