Introducing: A Striped Garter Stitch Shawlette Named Tut

6:17:00 PM

Well folks, we're coming to the end of 2013 (what a year it was!) and I've almost depleted my yarn stash. Good news though, that means I get to go on another yarn crawl in early January. ;) Even more good news, I still had some Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and Loft yarn left in the stash to work with. The Tut Shawlette is what happens when these two amazing yarns collide. I know what you're thinking, "But Mel, they're different weights. How can you use them in the same project?" I thought the exact same thing at first but they blend really well together.

The entire shawlette is worked in Garter stitch which makes for a rather stretchy and wonderfully textured fabric. Well, the alternating stripes of Shelter (Worsted weight) and Loft (Fingering weight) enhance that. I used Sap (Shelter) and Cast Iron (Loft) to make the shawl in the photos. The Cast Iron was leftover from a previous design, Frankenshawl, and the Sap remained after making these Rib-Eye Lace Up Boot Cuffs.

You can of course use any yarn, yarn weights and colors you wish. I think that alternating stripes of a solid color and a variegated yarn would look really interesting. I just might have to make one of those for myself!

The stripes and perhaps the colors too reminded me of King Tut's headdress. I've always been fascinated by Ancient Egyptian culture and in fact have an Eye of Horus tattooed on my upper back below my neck. I had a hard time trying to take a pic of it while holding my iphone with one hand and tugging on my shirt with the other so excuse its blurriness.

Come to think of it, I may get another tattoo in 2014 in addition to more yarn (of course!). This time the design will be more yarn and knitting related.

The Tut Shawlette is available for download here.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year with lots of yarn and knittery in 2014! :)

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