Sassy Shawlettes eBook Out Now!

5:50:00 PM


I love quick knit projects especially if they only use up one skein of yarn or two max. Maybe I'm just impatient and/or thrifty. Actually I'm pretty guilty of both. Heh.

I also love designing and making pieces you can actually wear out on almost any occasion and that even look great even with just jeans and a t-shirt. Shawlettes and bandana cowls seem to be red hot lately and they certainly satisfy that need to knit something quick whether it be for your own instant gratification or to make as a gift for giving.

Well, the holidays are coming up and this very eBook, as well as the shawlettes knit from it, would make lovely gifts. 

Sassy Shawlettes can be purchased from my Ravelry shop here. It's also available for the Amazon Kindle here.

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