It's Alive! Introducing: Frankenshawl

2:53:00 PM


This post is a day late but with good reason. Yesterday was Halloween and as one of my dearest friends puts it, "Halloween is like your Christmas, Mel." So yes, I was out having a blast but did manage to launch my latest creation Frankenshawl right on time. :)

I knit it with Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn (Shelter's fingering weight cousin) in the colors Tent and Cast Iron. I love this yarn because not only are the colors rich and tweedy it also has excellent stitch definition and doesn't feel bulky compared to other wool yarns I've used. It's such a lightweight piece that it's hard to believe it's made from wool.

Frankenshawl has a deep-v shape to it and is rather narrow so it's worn more like a bib or cowl. There are bobbles to represent Frankenstein's bolts on either side of his neck and the top part of the shawl has opposing stitch panels on either side of its "spine."

This shawl isn't just for Halloween of course. It can be made in brighter colors or just made solid. I saw a meme on Facebook yesterday though that read: "Halloween isn't a day, it's a lifestyle." Here's a little tidbit about me that not many people know unless I'm wearing a short sleeve or sleeveless top: I have a circle of bats tattooed on my left arm. ;)

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

The Frankenshawl pattern can be found here.

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