Shawl Obsessed

4:31:00 PM

Lately I've been really obsessed with shawls for some reason. I never have before to be quite honest. In fact, I was adamant about not creating them because I thought that's what every other designer and their grandmother was doing. I also didn't like the whole granny image they portrayed. I'm not a huge fan of over the top lacy things either and certainly will not wear them. The more and more I tinkered around with knitting a few shawl samples the more I fell in love with their construction and endless design possibilities.

I just designed the Thunderbolt Cowl or Shawl, a mini shawl which is worn as a bandana cowl. I love the simplicity of it which really sets off its striking design (pun intended) at its center. I;m a firm believer in less is more.

I also love asymmetrical shawls. I think they're quirky and love the way they lay once you put them on. I'm currently designing one for a book which will come out in Spring 2014. It's a sampler shawl and you can catch a glimpse of one of the stitches I'm using for it on my instagram (username actsofknittery) here. It's the mauve colored stitch sample.

There will be many more shawl designs posted by me in the near future, I can promise you that. ;)

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