A Time for New Beginnings

8:13:00 PM

Summer is generally a slower time for the fiber arts. Yarn stores are pretty much dead when compared to their peak seasons, knit accessory sales crawl to a a snail's pace and not that many new patterns are emerging. Everyone is getting ready for the cooler months and holidays ahead, though I suspect there are a great deal of knitters and crocheters working feverishly in front of their fans and air conditioners.

In the past I was one of those workaholic fiber enthusiasts. This year not so much. It's certainly taken a while for me to adjust to a slower paced lifestyle but I am getting used to it (gasp).

What's behind this new attitude? Frankly I'm tired. I mean exhausted. I realize that I can't keep working the way I have in the past because I'll burn out. I think I may already have in many respects. Dwindling online sales have also contributed to this. I totally blame a certain handmade website for this and thankfully I'm abandoning ship now and selling elsewhere instead of waiting around for things to get even worse. Seriously, what is the point of me working 60-80 hours a week only to make chump change? I deserve a vacation too dammit. It's never easy being self-employed but come on already.

So, for the rest of the Summer I'm going to write a couple of more patterns, make a few hairnets and tams to sell, plan to teach some knitting on the side and most importantly take it somewhat easy while I eagerly await my new life to emerge.

Here's to Summer relaxation and new beginnings!

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