You Know You're a Designer When...

8:25:00 PM

I was at a pub the other day watching a Barcelona match with my fiance and a few friends when I noticed a man wearing an absolutely breathtaking sweater composed of a myriad of crossing cables. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I mean I was practically boring holes into his back with my stares. Every once in a while I would look away and then look back again because I'd hate to be caught staring and would definitely hate for him to think that I was staring at him. I really wanted to take a quick photo of his sweater with my phone but thought that might be a tad risky so I opted for a mental image instead.

I was picking the design apart in my mind and thinking to myself "that cable is 4 stitches across" and "the cables intersect at about 10 rows up" and so on and so forth. I even dream about knitting sometimes so this is pretty much how my brain works.

Well, my team lost that day but I came away feeling inspired and ready to tackle my next project. Inspiration truly is all around us and definitely where you least expect it.

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