A Glimmer of Hope

7:30:00 AM

The life of an entrepreneur isn't always rosy. The life of an entrepreneur within the knitting industry, as I'm slowly learning, is an even less rosy one. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do with every fiber of my being (pun intended) or else I wouldn't be doing it. I can't imagine doing anything else, except maybe cooking for a living, but sometimes designing accessories and knitting items for sale fails to pay all of the bills. Yes, I said it and it's the truth. It seems that every single interview or article about the lifestyle of knitwear designers focuses solely on the positive end result failing to document every financial struggle and setback experienced along the way. Being a designer is the epitome of cool but when it comes to bringing home the bacon you either need to marry well (I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this comment... bring it on) or have a side job to support yourself. It's a shame that those with artistic talents aren't paid better in our society so that we are free to pursue our dreams in a more uninhibited manner.

Anyway, needless to say at the time I'm writing this post I seriously considered throwing in the towel. After much soul-searching and web-browsing however I came to the realization that I have come a very long way in the few months that I have been doing this and that it would be a shame to quit at this point. I'm not a quitter anyway and probably the most stubborn person out there. I'll search and research a way and try everything under the sun but I never quit.

Well, in one of my web searches I was browsing through a bunch of yarn company pages on Facebook. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my Shells Infinity Scarf on the Blue Sky Alpacas Yarn page! It was as if the universe was telling me to hang in there. Good days are just around the corner. I also have a couple of projects lined up for two different yarn companies due in June. More about that next month when I unveil what they are... I guess all I really needed to take a step back and realize that money isn't everything and even though I may be struggling a bit now it won't be for long. Every destination has a journey and many times it's not always as direct or as quick as we'd like it to be. I sure am glad I "wasted some time" just browsing on the web today. It's just what I needed.

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