Does Your Cat Do This?

2:10:00 PM

This is a picture of my cat Shadow. He's a chicken-loving cuddlebug. My other cat Stormie is a total sweetheart as well but he'll pretty much leave you alone until he decides to come up and say "hi" with a head boop.

I was working from this pattern the other night and remaking it in a solid color so the stitches could be seen more clearly. He plopped right on top of it! I couldn't see a thing and had to just take a forced break. Or course he also stretched out and kidnapped my foot so I couldn't even get up. Ahhh cats... they own you, not the other way around.

Well, I finally did finish remaking the hat and am really excited about how it came out. I think it looks equally good in both solid and variegated yarns. Photos to come next week as I'm having a photo shoot extravaganza and retaking pretty much every accessory for every pattern in my collection plus some new ones! I finally realized (along with a tip from a lovely and super-helpful fellow designer) that they're not nearly as good as they should be and don't do my work any justice. It's pretty hard taking pics by yourself sometimes. I've yet to learn how to properly use the timer on it and I have no patience to.

Well, my awesome fiance Joe will be taking the pics this time and I'm pretty excited because not only will I get to retake pics of my work and showcase them in the best possible lighting, I'll also get to do it alongside some incredible scenery from the great city of Philadelphia. I'm also plotting a New York City (my hometown!) shoot sometime during this Summer or early Fall. Thank goodness for patient fiances who totally understand and support my acts of knittery, yarnery etc. Haha!

Does your cat prevent you from getting any work done? What other antics does he or she do? I'd love to hear about them...

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