Soccer Hooligans!

1:57:00 AM

It sure has been chilly this last week in the Northeast USA, Philly to be exact. I never thought I'd say this but bring on Summer already.

 Now that the crazy holiday rush is over and there's a slight lull in orders from my shop Mel's Bells Hats I finally have the time to knit purely for pleasure, for myself and for my loved ones. Yay! 

Both my fiance Joe and I (pictured above) are HUGE Barcelona fans. We're soccer fans in general (I'm rocking my Argentina national jersey in the above pic) and love to watch any good match going on at the time but Barca has a special spot in our hearts. Messi is actually from the same town my mom hails from. Pretty neat.

Upon request, I knit Joe a Barca-themed hat and it came out far better than I had expected. I rarely do any colorwork and the stripes were a bit of a challenge at first I must admit. I had to make sure to leave plenty of slack behind my work so that the hat wouldn't end up bunching up and being too small for him to wear. 

I'm happy to report that it fits him perfectly and it's ultra warm to boot. I used Malabrigo Worsted Merino yarn in the colors Ravelry Red, Marine (blue) and Sauterne (yellow). This yarn is a true pleasure to use and I'm absolutely in love with their Rios yarn, a superwash merino yarn. I will have to stop by Loop, my LYS, very soon to replenish my stash. 

Go Barca!

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