Born in the Wrong Era?

3:48:00 PM

Sometimes I honestly wonder if I was born in the wrong era. Don't get me wrong, I am a totally modern woman equipped with an iphone which I don't think I could live without at this point. I would even go so far as to say that I hold many feminist views. Hooray for women in the front lines of combat and it's about time too I might add!

Still, when it comes to what I like viewing on TV and movies I always go back to the good old classics and mostly in black & white to boot. I'm a major Alfred Hitchcock fan and will often stay up ridiculously late on purpose just to catch a couple of his episodes on AntennaTV while knitting.

Even my choice of livelihood hearkens back to a time when crafting items with your own two hands was valued more highly, often out of pure necessity. I had a customer tell me the other day how much she appreciated that I was still "carrying on the craft" and that not many people do that nowadays.

We're definitely out there though and I'm finally seeing that the more time I spend on, my latest guilty pleasure. It's certainly outshining Facebook for me lately. I never really had any friends who knit and I still kind of don't. I know they're out there though and Ravelry helps me feel more connected I guess. It also helps me see the different avenues I can take with my knitting career. Maybe I've been living under a rock all these years but until very recently I didn't even realize that there were other indie pattern designers out there and that yes, you could make a living doing so provided you work your butt off and keep at it. A huge thanks to FiberstoryTV for opening my eyes to this as well.  I'm no stranger to hard work and starting businesses from scratch so I'm throwing my hat (pun intended) into the ring.

My love of old-Hollywood glamour I guess can be seen in a couple of patterns I've designed throughout the years. I'm personally more of a gal who'd wear a simple beanie or slouchy tam myself but there's just something about wearing these hats that makes you feel uber-classy and elegant all of a sudden.

 This is my latest (and I must confess favorite pattern so far). It's the "Bygone Beret" and I even photographed in black & white. Actually, the color photo I took was so overexposed I figured it would look best as a black & white pic. Here's to happy accidents! It's a cotton mesh beret with an attached flower but you can certainly make it in any other material as well. I wrote the pattern for DK weight yarn. It was so much fun to make (and wear!). I can totally see a Rockabilly gal rocking this hat... retro yet modern.

This cloche with two flowers is a classic and one I've made and remade countless times for customers over the years. I've finally written down the pattern and hopefully you'll enjoy making and wearing this hat too. It's made out of Cascade220 wool in this photo but I've made it out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and Malabrigo Rios too with stunning results. Don't be afraid to play around with colors as well. The flowers look amazing when made out of contrasting yarn colors as the hat. Here's a freebie for you to get started: crochet flower pattern. Get those creative juices flowing!

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